When it comes to controlling pests in Southern California, you can rest easy knowing that Death Row serves a huge geographic area. In general, we serve the Greater Los Angeles area and focus on a roughly 100-mile radius around Panorama City, but feel free to give us a call if you are unsure whether or not your home or business is in our service area. Below we have listed a handful of some of the cities and neighborhoods that trust Death Row Pest Management for their pest control needs.

Beverly Hills
El Segundo
Granada Hills
Hermosa Beach
Hidden Hills
Huntington Beach
Laguna Beach
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Manhattan Beach
Mission Viejo
Moreno Valley
Newport Beach
Panorama City
Rancho Cucamonga
Redondo Beach
San Bernardino
San Fernando
San Fernando Valley
Santa Ana
Santa Clarita
Santa Monica
Simi Valley
Sun Valley
Thousand Oaks
Van Nuys
West Covina
Westlake Village

Looking For “Pest Control Near Me?” We’ve Got You Covered!

They’re called ‘pests’ for a reason. Whether you have ants, mice, spiders, cockroaches, termites, or another creepy crawly invading your home, one thing is for sure: You want that pest out of your hair!

Signs Of A Pest Infestation

The most obvious sign that you need pest control services is if you see a trail of ants or a bunch of cockroaches scurrying across your floor. However, bugs and critters are pretty stealthy, so look for these other signs of a pest problem:

  1. Dead bugs, especially in the kitchen, garage, attic, or basement
  2. Bug parts including wings, legs, webs, and egg casings are telltale signs
  3. Mice droppings, usually found near food
  4. Rusty stains on mattresses and furniture often point to bed bugs
  5. Sounds, especially scurrying sounds at night
  6. Structural damage to wood framing or drywall

Need Pest Control Services? Call Us Today

Pests are more than just a nuisance. They can carry disease, cause allergic reactions, and do some serious structural damage if left uncontrolled. If you have any signs of a pest problem, or simply want us to run a thorough inspection, we’d love to help. We can not only eradicate the current problem, but we can take measures to stop the pests from coming back. Whether you need a bed bug exterminator, fumigation services, general pest management, termite control, spider control, or other critter management, please don’t hesitate to call the pest control experts at Death Row Pest Management.