Calabasas hosts some of the most beautiful homes in California that are nestled between the acres and acres of chaparral. Unfortunately, this opens the door for plenty of creepy crawlies to find their way from the brush into your home.

Calabasas Pest Control Services

If you are in need of Calabasas pest control, please do not hesitate to call the experts at Death Row Pest Management. Below, we have taken a few minutes to outline some of our pest control services:

  • Rodent Removal Calabasas: Whether you’ve got mice, rats, squirrels, or all of the above, we can help get rid of them. We will also do an inspection and determine vulnerable points of entry in your home, attic, and basement to try and keep these critters out for good.
  • Bed Bug Removal: Those who travel a lot are, unfortunately, incredibly susceptible to bed bugs. They can hide on your clothes or suitcase and hitch a ride back to your house will they will multiply quickly. Signs of bed bugs include rust-colored stains on mattresses and furniture as well as waking up with rash-like bumps on exposed areas.
  • Spider Removal: Very few people in this world don’t mind having a couple spiders in their home. If you are visiting this page, we are guessing you are not one of them. While many house spiders don’t pose a real threat, this area is prone to black widows and brown recluses, which love to hide in wood piles and sheds. Whatever type of spider you have — or even if you are unsure which type of eight-legged friend is in your home — get in touch with your Calabasas pest control team ASAP.
  • Termite Control: Termites often go undetected for years as they most often are spending their days in the dark, munching on your home’s framework. Our experts can do everything from a routine termite inspection just to make sure you’re free of the little creeps to a full-home or business fumigation.
  • General Pest Control: Perhaps you have just noticed an influx of ants, roaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, or other bugs near or in your home. Don’t worry! Our pest management crew is on the case and can perform bug extermination and preventative measures to keep you and your family safe year-round.

Call Your Calabasas Pest Control Company Today!

Don’t let the creepy crawlies get you down! We offer multiple treatment options based on the type of pest and the extent of the infestation ranging from heat treatment for bed bugs to home fumigation to a chemical deterrent. Get in touch today and let us know how we can best serve you!

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