Picture This: You head to the kitchen to get a midnight snack. As you flip on the light, you see it for half a second before it’s gone: a tiny mouse scampering to get under the fridge. Now you are on constant high-alert. You start hearing scuttling sounds at night as you try to sleep. You need pest control.

Rodents, spiders, roaches, termites, bed bugs, and other critters often find their way into our homes, no matter how much we try to avoid them. When this happens, you need a pest control company in Sylmar you can call.

As your Southern California pest management company, we make it our mission to offer the residents of Sylmar our outstanding pest control services. If your home or business is experiencing a current pest problem or you simply want to be proactive to keep our those pesky pests, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Death Row Pest Management.

Sylmar Pest Management

We offer pest control and management solutions for a wide variety of pests. Check out some of our most popular pest services below:

  • Termite Removal: Finding termites in your home might not spook you the same way a mouse or spider might, but it will certainly make your wallet jump in fear! Termites cost homeowners millions of dollars every year thanks to the fact that their preferred meal is our home’s structure. Oftentimes, termites are not discovered until it is too late. Whether you are certain you have termites or just want an inspection for peace of mind, call Death Row.
  • Bed Bug Removal Sylmar: Bed bugs have a knack for hitching rides on your luggage when you are off traveling and can infest your bed when you return home. We offer heat treatment for bed bugs as well as other options to get these pests out of your hair.
  • Spider Removal: While brown recluses and black widows typically hang out outside in wood piles, there are some spiders that thrive inside your home. Make sure you call the spider exterminators at Death Row to get rid of your spider problem and provide options to keep them out for good!
  • General Pest Control: Sylmar residents can rest easy knowing that their pest management experts are well-versed in all sorts of creepy crawlies and critters that find their way into your home. From silverfish to mosquitos, fleas to ticks, you can call us for any sort of unwelcome pest.

Call The Sylmar Pest Control Experts Today

We want you to be comfortable in your own home, and that starts with eradicating existing pest problems and preventing them from becoming problems again. We can help with that. Call Death Row Pest Management today!

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