Rodent Control

Our Death Row Rodent Control Plan

We specialize in thinking like a rat so that your home is protected from rodents long term, in addition to immediate removal from your home. Our thorough, full home inspection, and customized plans of action, strengthen the weak points in the home, blocking rodents out for good. We’ll clean and sanitize soiled areas and potential pathogens restoring your home to its original health.

Step 1

Thorough Inspection

Step 2

Rodent Trapping and Removal

Step 3

Rodent Exclusion

Step 4

Attic Insulation Replacement

Thorough Inspection

We take pride in performing the most thorough inspections for free, even if it takes us longer than the other guys. Our inspectors aren’t overloaded with a dozen stops a day, spending only 15 minutes with you, like at some other companies. We’ll do a full inspection of the exterior, interior, attic, and subarea. All for no charge. That’s because we’re confident our superior inspection and expertise will win us your business. Depending upon our inspection, you will have options for trapping current active rodents, excluding ongoing rodents by fixing compromised entry points, and replacing soiled insulation. Our customized plan of action for your home will provide the most effective treatment possible as our work is 100% guaranteed.

Rodent Trapping And Removal

The first step in solving a rodent situation for a customer is usually to trap the active rodents in the home. Often times, they are shooting into the attic, garage, or subarea during the winter season. After identifying where they have nested within the home, it is our job to set traps in the most strategic areas with precision and accuracy. We will monitor these traps on our scheduled check-back appointments and collect the bodies of the rodents we have trapped.

Rodent Exclusion

Once the rodents within the current infestation are caught, the problem isn't necessarily over. Oftentimes, these rodents entered your property through a compromised entry-point. This could have been subarea vents, entry points into the attic, and other holes that haven't been properly sealed. Even if you seal the primary entry point, these smart rodents will find another entry point unless every single point has been sealed. That's why we do the most when it comes to detailed inspections, so that we can guarantee long term results.

Attic Insulation Replacement

For homeowners who haven’t had their attic inspected in a few years, there’s a chance they have some unwanted action up there. Whether it’s soiled due to rodent droppings or just old, dirty insulation, this presents you with the opportunity to replace your insulation at a discounted rate, as we will already be working within your attic for the trapping and exclusion work. In addition to improving the air quality within your home in cases of soiled insulation, you will ultimately save money. A proper installation ensures that your home retains heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Why Death Row is Different

Family owned by LA natives
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Death Row $300 Rodent Giveaway and $100 Instant Voucher

Every month, we choose a random winner from our email list to win a $300 credit toward a trapping and exclusion service of their choice. That’s enough to cover a trapping and exclusion service for a small rodent problem local treatment or pay for most of a trapping and exclusion service for a moderate rodent infestation. We contact our winners via phone so please enter a cell number that we can call or text if you don’t pick up. Even if you don’t win, we’ll email you a $100 voucher to use at any time for a trapping and exclusion service.